'Brightburn' Review

'Brightburn' Review
Evil Superman is Scary!
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Rating: ★★★★
'Brightburn' is a great horror superhero film.
This film uses cinematography to its advantage. It set the tone and atmosphere of the movie as well as showing this film in a unique, stylistic way.
The screenplay, written by Brian and Mark Gunn, was good. The gore was never too over-the-top but still disturbing and disgusting. But if you get sick easily, this movie is definitely not for you.
The acting was amazing. Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer was a highlight of the film. Jackson A. Dunn also did a good job as the villain Brandon Breyer/Brightburn.
Both the ending and credit scene set to Billie Ellish's 'bad guy' (which is the only song I like by her, fight me!) were fantastic.
There were some in-movie and behind the scenes decisions that I don't one-hundred percent agree with but besides those small gripes, I had a great time with 'Brightburn'.
Can't wait to see more films set in the same universe.
Also, this film was made on a $6 million dollar budget. If you like horror films, please support this film by watching it at your local cinema.


  1. hello i review movie reviews. good review. very basic. need to improve gramtical vocabulary, and exapnd range if complex and compund sentences. Look foward to reading more reviews. Also add more desciptive words your vocabulary is very basic and often to simplistic that you come off as inexperiences and unknowledgable.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, I will remember to use more descriptive words in my upcoming reviews.


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