What Men Want Review

What Men Want Review
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What Men Want is directed by Adam Shankman and stars Taraji P. Henson as Ali Davis, a sports agent who drinks a strange concoction, hits her head and now has the ability to read men’s inner thoughts. This movie is the gender-swapped version of the 2000 movie titled What Women Want with Mel Gibson.

Erykah Badu and Josh Brener are easily the best part of this film. The scenes edited into the credits was the funniest scene in the entire film.

The movie’s good jokes are few and far between which makes this movie feel like a drama more than a comedy for a fair bit of this movie. This movie wants to be so many things at once that it feels longer and that it over-stayed its welcome.

I will probably forget this movie by the end of next week but since I work at a cinema, I’ll probably have to rewatch the ending while cleaning, over and over again. Some people will enjoy more than others.

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