IT (2017) Review

IT (2017) Review
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Sorry for the late upload, just wanted it to be as good as possible!

Now for the final post in the 2018 Annual HorrorFest:

Hello Readers,
Happy Halloween!!!

To end the first ever Annual HorrorFest on the blog,
I will be reviewing my favourite horror movie, Andrés Muschietti's IT (2017).
If you didn't know, this is also my favourite movie of all time.

Now to the review:

IT (2017) is the best horror movie I've seen.
I've seen it several times before writing this review and it gets better with every viewing.
During the (maybe) ten times I have watched this masterpiece of a horror have I not found a single flaw. That might be a bit hyperbole but still, I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

I love the 735 of the pages that I read of the book, I love the mini-series/movie from the 1990s (even if it's not that great) and most of all, I love this movie.

The scares work on so many levels. From amazing jumpscares to subtle things in the background that you notice on your second, third or fourth time watching. From disturbing visuals to suspenseful conversations that keep you on the edge of your seat, to waiting for the scare to occur so it can break the powerful tension.
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If you love horror, there is a lot here for you.
One the main reason why I love IT (2017) is because of the story.

At ITs (I love puns) core this movie is about friendship and adversity. The adversity in this movie is in the shape of a killer inter-dimensional being that can turn into your deepest, darkest fear.

The acting from Sophia Lillis, Chosen Jacobs (yes, that's a name), Finn Wolfhard, Jaeden Lierberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jack Dylan Grazer and Wyatt Oleff was amazing. Their friendship on-screen was believable and at times, made me jealous that I didn't have friends like them.

I first watched this movie with my Dad (there is a backstory to this) on the Sunday that IT (2017) came out. I was excited and nervous as I hadn't really watched a horror movie before (if you don't count Coraline). I walked into the cinema and sat down. When the production company logos started to play with the creepy child singing in the background a red balloon floating in each logo, I knew should've brought my brown pants (guess what movie that's from). I wanted to leave but I knew I couldn't, I had bought the ticket and I'm glad I didn't leave. I got scared, I laughed and most importantly I had fun!
Fast forward to December 2017, I wanted to buy IT, but I wasn't allowed to. I should have known what was happening as it was right in my face. It was Christmas time and I didn't bother to think that I might be receiving the movie for Christmas. I was happy I didn't realise that because when I unwrapped that Blu-Ray on Christmas morning. The amount of excitement I had, the amount of happiness I had, it couldn't be explained. At this point in time, this was my second favourite movie of 2017, right behind Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, but what I didn't know was that later that this movie was going to be my favourite movie of 2017, wait no, my favourite movie PERIOD! There was just something that clicked when I watched IT for the second time, that made me come to that conclusion.

This movie has something for everyone, horror for people who want to get scared, humour for people who want to laugh (even if it's a tad dark at times) and great character development for people who enjoy watching characters change throughout movies.

Now let's talk about the reason why most people went to watch IT (2017), Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I was wondering if Bill Skarsgård was going to be a menacing, scary villain as I had heard great things about Tim Curry's performance in the 1990 IT mini-series/movie was amazing. But Bill Skarsgård is fantastic as Pennywise the Dancing Clown! He was truely a menacing, scary villain from start to finish.
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In true Stephen King fashion, Pennywise the Dancing Clown isn't just the villain of this movie. There are also the bullies who are lead by Nicolas Hamilton as Henry Bowers. His acting is so great, it makes Henry a character to be feared and is a fantastic secondary antagonist.

In the end, IT (2017) is a funny, scary and one of the best Stephen King movie adaptions. I highly recommend this to everyone. As you probably expected, I'm giving IT my first ever 10/10 on this blog.

I am excited for the director's cut of IT (2017) and the sequel coming out in 2019!

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Written By: Alex O'Brien
Edited By: Erin Cannon

This bonus content is just a tip.
Do yourself a favour if you buy or rent IT (2017) and watch the bonus features, especially the deleted scenes as they are amazing. The first deleted scene is a bit of a joke but the rest is so great, I was amazed they were even cut from the original cut. They also do answer some unanswered questions and give us more of an insight into events that happened in the film.


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