Blade: Trinity Review

Blade: Trinity Review
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Everything that I say in these blog posts titled 'Blade: Trinity' contains my own opinion, not anyone else's. If you disagree with anything I say, you are welcome to tell me in the comment section, but no rude or abusive comments towards me! I hope you enjoy the post! This is also the review for the extended cut, which is ten minutes long but shouldn't matter.

Just before I start I would like to say that I haven't seen any other Blade movies. I watched this one as it had Ryan Reynolds in it and I've been watching any movie that Ryan Reynolds is in that I can get my hands on as I love him in Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

Blade: Trinity is the third movie in the Blade trilogy. It is also the worst superhero movie I have ever seen (Yes, worst then 2016's Suicide Squad).
The war between humans and vampires continues, but the humans' best hope, human-vampire hybrid warrior Blade (Wesley Snipes), has been framed for countless murders, turning popular sentiment against him. The vampire leader responsible for Blade's bad publicity is Danica Talos (Parker Posey), who's determined to finally lead her bloodthirsty compatriots to victory. Now Blade must team up with a band of rogue vampire hunters (Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel) to save humanity.

There is nothing good in Blade: Trinity except for Ryan Reynolds' Hannibal Ryans. His character is (no joke) the only good thing about this movie. Even the main character Blade, is unlikeable. Blade is boring. You can't see anything in the action scenes as there is too much 'Shakey Cam'. All the characters are forgettable except for Hannibal Ryans. 

It took 33 minutes to introduce the best thing about this movie, Ryan Reynolds. He plays a character called Hannibal Ryans. He is Ex-Vampire who helps out Blade throughout the movie. When you first meet him he jumps through the glass into a room filled with bad vampires and Blade with a tag saying "Hello, My Name is F**k You" (It said the entire word, I just censored it), and it was awesome and funny. Hannibal Ryans is practically Wade Wilson but three years earlier, a different name and origin and in the wrong Marvel universe. He is funny and is awesome.
I wish it didn't end like it did because of they should have made a spin-off movie based around Ryan Reynold's Hannibal Ryans.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a group of vampires that awaken the Blade universe's version of Dracula and it looks as if they die but it turns out they are the secondary antagonists in the movie. 

VERDICT: The script was terrible, the acting was bad (except for Ryan Reynolds), the line delivery felt forced, they made us care for people that we just met and didn't really know anything about them, all the characters were forgettable and the villains master plan was just terrible.
Overall I give this movie a 2 out of 10. 

Ryan Reynolds made that two stars a thing. If he wasn't in the movie I probably would have given it a zero. I recommend this movie to fans of Wesley Snipes and to people who want to watch Ryan Reynolds practically play Wade Wilson but a bit different.

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